Digital Financial Education

Certified Financial Modeler – Digital Financial Education

Financial Modeling - fit for Digitalization and FinTech

  • Financial modeling skills are essential for a successful career in finance.
  • Digitalization and FinTech require new competencies such as greater specialization and problem-solving skills.
  • Financial Modeling creates and promotes these competencies for a successful career in times of digitalization and FinTech.

The Certified Financial Modeler is able to,

  1. 1. to prepare and make decisions transparently and efficiently with the help of financial modeling,
  2. 2. to model practical questions in a clear and structured way,
  3. 3. quickly familiarize himself/herself with complex tasks,
  4. 4. to use VBA programming and software solutions efficiently,
  5. 5. to work in a team with experts from different disciplines,
  6. 6. to professionally present the results of financial modeling,
  7. 7. to use Financial Modeling in all questions of FinTech,
  8. 8. to develop professional financial models in financial management, corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives.


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