"There is an interplay between company valuation and the company sale contract, as both distribute opportunities and risks between the parties. Often, errors in the contract and/or the company evaluation occur, if they do not mirror each other. Therefore a good understanding of financial models, communicated through the book and tested in the exam, is fundamental for corporate lawyers responsible for company acquisitions, especially for option transactions. In modern understanding, many contracts result in options and have to be evaluated as such."

Dr Christopher C. King, Certified Financial Modeler (Lawyer in Berlin, Attorney-at-Law in New York, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, EU lawyer, Bern), Director Law Department at Hunter Douglas N.V., Rotterdam & Luzern

"The program to become a Certified Financial Modeler helps lawyers to speak the language of the banks during complex financial transactions."

Dr Andreas Müller-Driver, LL.M., SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte

Julius Rübartsch
Julius Rübartsch

Especially in times when the international economy and mainly the international financial markets are becoming more and more important and complex, law students need targeted advanced training in Financial Modeling.

An economic understanding and the ability to interpret financial models is a recruitment criterion for various international law firms.

The certificate course of the Professors Häcker and Ernst addresses this gap and provides the most central skills in the areas of corporate finance, investment and financing, derivatives and portfolio management.

Julius Rübartsch, Certified Financial Modeler

The Certified Financial Modeler program is a tremendous help in my daily work when it comes to structuring complex questions relating to finance and business with the goal of developing practical and user-friendly solutions. In addition to the subject knowledge relating to derivatives, portfolio management and corporate finance, the program utilizes problem solving competence as well as Excel and VBA applications to convey the necessary know-how. All of the areas mentioned are absolutely essential for all companies. Having said that, I believe the Certified Financial Modeler is not only relevant for companies within the finance industry, but for all companies and industries across the board. The textbook is perfectly complemented by the Toolbox and the practice models in Excel. The program materials serve as a valuable resource in preparing for the exam and as a reference when searching for practice-oriented solutions in daily business.

Benjamin Schilling, M.A., Certified Financial Modeler, business department, Nickert law firm, Offenburg