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Basel Omar Abu-Ali
Basel Omar Abu-Ali

"The Certified Financial Modeler program transfers the quantitative and qualitative aspects of simple and complex financial problems to reliable Excel & VBA based modules applicable to all professionals in real business life. The Certified Financial Modeler shall help you wither as a student, junior, or senior to understand and implement what is needed in the financial modeling and valuation fields."

Basel Omar Abu-Ali, MBA, CFC, CMA, Certified Financial Modeler, CVA, Financial Controller at Emirates International Investment Company (EIIC), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

“The Certified Financial Modeler is recommended as an advanced training course for experienced bankers and financial analysts. The advantage of the program is that the acquired financial knowledge can be immediately applied in investment banking practice.”

Kristian Buric, CFA, Certified Financial Modeler, EUROGROUP CONSULTING

“For the first time, central aspects of banking are not only discussed in a general sense, but are clearly presented step by step and on a case to case basis. The exercises based on Excel precisely reflect a bank’s daily work.”

Dr Marc Coenenberg, Managing Director Corporate Finance Advisory, UniCredit Corporate & Investment Banking

“For the responsible persons in the area of Investor Relations, the Certified Financial Modeler provides a great opportunity to gain and document financial modeling skills.”

Dr Marc-Gregor Czaja, Institutional Equity Research, Equity Strategy, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Tobias Eiblmeier
Tobias Eiblmeier

"The Certified Financial Modeler program gives you a better and more focused understanding of even complex financial issues. With its Excel and Visual Basic-based philosophy the Certified Financial Modeler helps you to solve nearly every kind of question in the financial industry."

Tobias Eiblmeier, 
Certified Financial Modeler 
Consultant, Portfolio Control

„The Certified Financial Modeler conveys advanced Excel and VBA approaches to solving financial problems. The division into 5 modules allows participants to become familiar with the software basics before tackling the task of creating models in various financial fields of application. The course character, the structured composition as well as the practically-oriented examples and workshops of the Certified Financial Modeler enable participants to learn the material quickly and interactively.”

Christian Glöckler, Certified Financial Modeler

"Financial modeling is an imperative tool for the practitioner, in order to bring complex problems (such as planning, building of business cases, valuation subjects) into a transparent and structured form. Especially against the backdrop of the banking world’s permanent increasing of complexity, financial modeling skills help the user to perform the necessary abstraction.

Philipp GüthCertified Financial Modeler, Finance Manager GTB TFCMC Europe, Deutsche Bank AG

"Certified Financial Modeler – The admission ticket to investment banking.
I really must say: “The Certified Financial Modeler professionals are well prepared for their analyst and associate years in investment banking”. 

Oliver Karpf, Kleinwort Benson, London

"There is no comparable further training program that transfers know how in corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives in such a deep, precise and practically oriented way. Thus, the Certified Financial Modeler represents a key qualification in the modern financial world."

Julian Kohl, Certified Financial Modeler, Kreissparkasse Tübingen

Thomas Lindemann
Thomas Lindemann

"Through solving practically oriented case studies in preparation for the Certified Financial Modeler, candidates develop a fundamental routine to solve various financial problems. The gained competence in modeling is especially important in the Private Equity business when valuing companies as well as when designing shareholding and transaction structures."

Thomas Lindemann, EMBA, Certified Financial Modeler, Süd Beteiligungen (Private Equity)

Philipp Noack
Philipp Noack

"The Certified Financial Modeler links theoretical knowledge with practical relevance. Based on illustrative practical examples the Certified Financial Modeler provides an excellent opportunity to brush up existing knowledge and to add new content. The course book "Financial Modeling" leads through the core topics Excel, VBA, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Derivatives. The Certified Financial Modeler toolbox can support the user in the day-to-day business."

Philipp Noack, Certified Financial Modeler, IMAP M&A Consultants

“Our M&A experts need excellent financial modeling skills. Global M&A spreadsheet standards are essential to establish a common ground to successfully negotiate assumptions. This book offers it all to the certified financial modeler candidate.”

Dirk Pahlke, Rothschild, Head of M&A Germany

Catharina Peters
Catharina Peters

The "Certified Financial Modeler" program provides an excellent opportunity to expand theoretical knowledge in the fields of corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives. The basic textbook "Financial Modeling" is complemented by the practical Excel and VBA modeling examples of the toolbox. Due to the practice-oriented approach, the acquired know-how can be used without any problems in day-to-day business.

Catharina Peters, Certified Financial Modeler, IMAP M&A Consultants

"Having structured and extended financial modeling processes through the Certified Financial Modeler program helped me to successfully enter the private equity Sector."

Eduard Reder, Certified Financial Modeler, DZ Equity Partner

Markus Riedl
Markus Riedl

The Certified Financial Modeler is the ideal basis for the advanced digitization of banks. Due to its extensive applications in Excel, all economic questions can be modeled computer-based. Based on the in-depth knowledge, digital solutions can be created and a decisive contribution can be made for the bank.

Markus Riedl, Certified Financial Modeler, HypoVereinsbank

“The combination of theory and real life application, embodied in the curriculum of the Certified Financial Modeler, makes the program a comprehensive and invaluable utensil for everyone attempting to understand finance.”

Maximilian Sfetcu, Merrill Lynch, New York

"I like that the Certified Financial Modeler study program is closely related to practice. In daily business, the investment professional can easily apply the learned skills to become more efficient at investment analysis and portfolio management."

Sven Tyrchan, Certified Financial Modeler , Reichmuth & Co Investmentfonds AG

"The Certified Financial Modeler is a training program excellently suitable for analysts at banks or investment banks.”

Dr Hendrik Wolff, Wolff & Häcker Finanzconsulting AG

Dragan Zagorac
Dragan Zagorac

"I really appreciated the applied approach of the Certified Financial Modeler. The Certified Financial Modeler gives you the necessary toolbox that M&A advisors need in a complex and dynamic business environment. The Certified Financial Modeler does not only increase efficiency but also client contribution."

Dragan Zagorac, Certified Financial Modeler 
Helbling Business Advisors AG
Zürich, Switzerland
Consultant Turnaround Management / M&A