Accountants and Tax Auditors

Daniel Altmann
Daniel Altmann

„The methodological approach makes the Certified Financial Modeler program very valuable - compared to other certifications, which partly focus only on the theoretical content. The structured book as well as the well-structured instructional material illustrate the complex topic in an impressive manner. Furthermore, I appreciated the Excel / VBA based tools which I could download in the “Center for Financial Modeling.”

Daniel Altmann, Certified Financial Modeler, EY

"The Certified Financial Modeler program has shown me in a clear and structured way how complex financial problems are analyzed and prepared based on professional Excel-based models. As in the framework of the Certified Financial Modeler program, a structured approach to resolving complex financial problems is explained, the acquired financial modeling skills can be used immediately in professional practice.“

Philipp Altschwager, Certified Financial Modeler, Ebner Stolz

This book provides practical advice in a financial world becoming more and more complex. Financial models structure financial actions thus making them more effective, understandable and in the end cheaper. The authors understand to provide the interested reader not only with helpful standards but also give him clear examples and steps to develop a model that suits his individual needs. Thus the book underpins our own purpose of building a better working world: When business works better, the world works better.”

Hubert Barth, Country Managing Partner EY Germany

"The education program “Certified Financial Modeler” combines in a very elegant way theory and business practice in the Financial Modeling arena. The program helps graduates starting their career. Furthermore, it provides new ideas and approaches to professionals how to come up with modeling specific solutions."

Markus Beckmann, Certified Financial Modeler, Senior Manager, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Deal Advisory, Financial Modelling

"The Certified Financial Modeler program uses practical and comprehensible examples to communicate how financial questions and problems can be solved with technical solutions on an Excel and VBA basis. So the program is suitable not only as a valuable entry into the financial modeling world, but also for experienced practitioners who can thus deepen their skills in this area.”

Melanie Böcker, Certified Financial Modeler, Assistant Manager, Transaction & Restructuring, Business Modeling Group, KPMG AG

“The Certified Financial Modeler communicates very vividly and in a practically oriented way how professional Excel-based models can be developed in order to solve complex financial problems. The financial modeling skills acquired thus constitute a valuable foundation for the practice of company valuation by auditors.

Auditor Stefan Brockmann, CFA, Certified Financial Modeler, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Understanding the quantification of financial problems is also essential for tax consultants and auditors; the Certified Financial Modeler concept transfers the necessary skills in an excellent manner.”

Dr Alexandra Coenenberg, Tax Consultant, Manager, Financial Services Tax, KPMG AG

“The philosophy is so far unique in Europe. While other programs convey rather abstract content in the style of a textbook, here problems of the financial practice are treated.”

Jens Diehlmann, Partner, Global Automotive Finance Leader | Advisory | EMEIA Financial Services
Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

"Through the Certified Financial Modeler, the GICF provides practically oriented further training. Selected employees at Ebner Stolz Mönning Bachem can complete this program. It aims to use software to deepen the application skills in finance and controlling and to present subject-specific problems in a structured fashion.

Michael Euchner, Partner, Ebner Stolz

"The Certified Financial Modeler is excellently suited for financial modeling in company valuation. It is also an ideal addition to the tax consultant and auditor exam.”

Florian Gruhler, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The Certified Financial Modeler allows to confer financial problems in a comprehensible and structured way using Excel-based models. The contents are practically-oriented and thus facilitate my daily work.”

Gina Kristin Joas, Certified Financial Modeler, Ebner Stolz

Stefan Köck
Stefan Köck

"I enjoyed applying Certified Financial Modeler components in business practice. Extending my VBA know-how was very helpful. I am convinced about the enormous practical relevance of the Certified Financial Modeler. Furthermore, I am happy to point out the excellent cooperation with the German Institute of Corporate Finance. The communication was outstanding in terms of friendliness, response rate and structured advice.” 

Stefan Köck, Certified Financial Modeler, Ernst & Young, Auditing

„The Certified Financial Modeler training course communicates, in an easy to understand and well-structured manner, how financial issues can be solved using Excel and VBA. Corporate Finance (particularly Company Valuation), Portfolio Management and Derivatives (particularly Options Valuation) are emphasized and presented in an especially practical and straight-forward manner.”
Matthias Kohlhaus, Certified Financial Modeler, Transactions - PwC Advisory Services

Mirko Menzel
Mirko Menzel

"The Certified Financial Modeler is a business practice and application-oriented program. All questions of the teaching program are explained based on illustrative examples in Excel. Especially the examples serve as a very good introduction to the respective finance topics. The acquired knowledge could be implemented directly. Especially in the field of integrated business planning it helped to increase the quality of the financial models.”

Mirko Menzel, CIIA, Certified Financial Modeler, FAHRNI & PARTNER

"The Certified Financial Modeler gives you an in-depth knowledge in various finance topics. Furthermore, the professional usage of Excel is trained. I consider this to be a core aspect in the current finance arena!

Markus Petzel, Certified Financial Modeler, KPMG

Jakob Plieninger
Jakob Plieninger

„The Certified Financial Modeler helps me in my day-to-day business. I can approach modeling tasks in a more systematic way than before. The framework of preparing the Certified Financial Modeler exam is excellent. I used the extensive toolbox with test questions to create test exams and solve them in the required time. The GICF directors responded instantly to any queries when something was not clear to me.”

Jakob Plieninger, Certified Financial Modeler, Senior in Transaction Advisory, Ernst & Young, Muscat - Sultanate of Oman

Philipp Sorn
Philipp Sorn

„The Certified Financial Modeler program provides practical Excel modeling and VBA knowledge to efficiently solve financial management issues.”

Philipp Sorn, Certified Financial Modeler, Ebner Stolz

Martin Vennedey
Martin Vennedey

"Various topics such as corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives can be analyzed based on the Certified Financial Modeler program. Furthermore, this program helps refreshing topics that are not related to my daily work."

Martin Vennedey, Certified Financial Modeler, Consultant, Private Finance – Vermögenscontrolling, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG

Mate Vilic
Mate Vilic

"The Certified Financial Modeler has brushed up my finance knowledge. The practical hints helped me in my daily business.

In particular the numerous tips and tricks as well as the structural method of working with Excel and VBA impressed me and lead me to a more efficient way of working."

Mate Vilic, Certified Financial Modeler, Advisory Services, EY

“The production or audit of company valuations in the context of fairness opinions, the conclusion of control or profit assumption agreements as well as further company law restructuring and changes of legal form or squeeze outs are some of the most interesting and simultaneously most demanding areas for corporate finance departments in auditing companies. The Certified Financial Modeler program allows to provide particularly graduates with the ideal baggage, financial modeling being a subject that is often neglected during training on the job. This way, a high-quality consulting for the client is guaranteed.”

Robert Voith, Certified Financial Modeler, Assurance & Financial Advisory, Ebner Stolz