Sinan Aydogan
Sinan Aydogan

"After successfully completing the qualification as a Certified Financial Modeler, you are able to efficiently solve problems in the fields of corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives with Excel and VBA. In terms of private investments a Certified Financial Modeler can easily determine the fair value of stocks based on a financial model and calculate the return and risk of an ETF portfolio."

Sinan Aydogan, Certified Financial Modeler, University of Bochum

"Financial modeling optimally prepares students for their work at banks, financial service providers as well as finance and controlling departments in companies."

Prof. Ted Azarmi PhD, Tübingen University

This book is a Bible on the subject of Financial Modeling. The core sectors in the finance arena are thoroughly addressed with easy to follow applications. The book also covers important methods of using Excel/VBA, which is a must for both professionals and students. As a professor at Pau Business School and a guest lecturer at several universities around the world, I recommend this book for its accuracy and also for its case studies that promote simplified learning.

Florent Deisting, Professor of Finance and Research Dean, Groupe ESC Pau, France

"Financial modeling is an important prerequisite for the practical application of company valuation theory." 

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jochen Drukarczyk, Regensburg University

"The Certified Financial Modeler material provides an employee in the investment banking sector with the required knowledge and the skills for professional financial modeling. This training is recommended to all practitioners and of course also to any student willing to enter this industry."

Wenjing Dou, Certified Financial Modeler, Frankfurt University

Martin Geißler
Martin Geißler

“The modeling of complex issues belongs in today’s world to the essential core competencies in Finance and beyond. The Certified Financial Modeler program enables one in just a short time to develop outstanding skills to solve the toughest questions of the finance industry in a goal-oriented and structured manner. The condensed knowledge and smart approach of Financial Modeling help me on a daily basis with my dissertation. I haven’t just achieved a valuable qualification, but also a completely new perspective.”

Martin Geißler, MBA, Certified Financial Modeler, Corporate Finance|Financial Advisory|Management Consulting, PhD student & Research fellow, Institute for Controlling, Finance and Risk Management, University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich.

Marco Golic
Marco Golic

"My financial modeling skills were of great use to me when applying for a place in a master's program. The financial modeling philosophy proved to be an excellent guideline. I thus was able to obtain a place at LMU in Munich and now look forward to further consolidate my knowledge in finance & accounting."

Marco Golic, LMU Munich

"The Certified Financial Modeler does not only confer a theoretical understanding of the areas corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives, but also offers the adequate instruments to solve problems in practice. I graduated in International Financial Management at Nürtingen-Geislingen University. Completing the Certified Financial Modeler program has established a link to practice and thus guarantees that I am one step ahead of other graduates.

Matthias John, Certified Financial Modeler, Nürtingen-Geislingen University

Haris Kasumovic
Haris Kasumovic

"The Certified Financial Modeler program gave me the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in business practice. Furthermore, I was able to significantly increase my finance know-how. The Certified Financial Modeler opens doors for a successful career in finance. If you passed the Certified Financial Modeler exam you have an ace up your sleeve in a job interview."

Haris Kasumovic, Certified Financial Modeler, M.A.

"Financial Modeling know-how is core in many business fields.  Looking for a suitable training opportunity I found a perfect match - the Certified Financial Modeler program of the German Institute for Corporate Finance. The Institute is a pioneer in this field in Germany. The institute offers an excellent preparation for the exam."

Andreas Krengel, Certified Financial Modeler, doctoral candidate Witten/Herdecke University

Kevin Lehner
Kevin Lehner

The Certified Financial Modeler program helped me to refresh and deepen my finance knowledge. In particular the explanations for the practical procedure are extremely helpful. I am now optimally prepared to start my master studies.

Kevin Lehner, Certified Financial Modeler, Master Student in Finance, Lancaster University, UK

The authors have  produced an extraordinary, applied financial modeling text.  It stresses the importance of following rigorous quality control standards when developing complex financial models.  The book details in-depth Excel spreadsheet skills that are applied in realistic cases and examples dealing with company valuation, financing, investment appraisal and portfolio management, and derivatives. The book is a “must have” for serious financial modelers.”

R. Charles Moyer, Ph.D – Dean Emeritus and Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship, University of Louisville, USA

"The Certified Financial Modeler helped me to put theoretical concepts, conferred in the master’s program, into illustrative practice. I thus was able to attain a better knowledge and to already test the practical application."

Sebastian Neu, Certified Financial Modeler, LMU Munich

"Financial modeling has been an important subject for me for many years now. The clear structure of the Certified Financial Modeler course appealed to me and I can very well integrate the content into my classes." 

Prof. (FH) Dr. Georg Plötz, Certified Financial Modeler, Professor of International Finance, Risk Management & Controlling, University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol, Austria

Christoph Richter
Christoph Richter

"The Certified Financial Modeler program is very well structured and comes with a great teaching style. I was able to understand the content quickly and easily using the provided Excel files. The Excel and VBA concepts are very useful. Financial theories are understandable and comprehensively explained, which in retrospect would have saved me a significant amount of study hours doing literature research. I highly recommend the course especially for students."

Christoph Richter, Certified Financial Modeler, University Augsburg



Jochen Riedle
Jochen Riedle

"The Certified Financial Modeler program helped me to increase my knowledge in the corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives arena. Furthermore, I learned how to structure a financial model. I consider this to be of utmost importance because financial modeling can be done better in business practice. I hope to have a usp in my job-entry phase. I strongly recommend to take the Certified Financial Modeler exam."

Jochen Riedle, Certified Financial Modeler, Hochschule Nürtingen

"Financial Modeling is an important element of financial economy." 

Prof. Dr. Henry Schäfer, Stuttgart University

Nicolas Scheidl
Nicolas Scheidl

"Taking the Certified Financial Modeler exam during my studies was a very good decision. The practical approach of the Certified Financial Modeler is appreciated in business practice and increases your chances for finding a good job in the finance arena. In particular, the profound coverage of core financial topics in the financial sector provides the necessary expertise to solve complex problems in a structured way."

Nicolas Scheidl, Certified Financial Modeler, TUM School of Management

Thorsten Steinhilber
Thorsten Steinhilber

"The Certified Financial Modeler has constantly been approved by the HR and technical departments of the companies where I applied. My knowledge in financial modeling helped me to successfully conclude the application process."

Thorsten Steinhilber, Certified Financial Modeler, Nürtingen-Geislingen University

"Having acquired financial modeling skills during the Certified Financial Modeler program helps me to leap from theory to practice. When applying, I realized that this knowledge is highly appreciated by banks." 

Sarnai Sumiya, Certified Financial Modeler, University of Applied Sciences Munich

"The financial modeling program proved to be a very effective and practical program that helped me to expand my financial know-how. The challenges in the ​​finance arena that we encounter every day can be mastered based on the program’s valuable skills. I appreciated very much that the philosophy of modelling is being taught in this program.”

Nguyen Hai Truong, Certified Financial Modeler, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences